Preface| Volume 53, ISSUE 1, Pxiii-xiv, January 2023

Veterinary Clinical Pathology

      This issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice contains articles about a variety of topics highlighting the importance of clinical pathology in small animal practice. Topics range from the basics of how to make and evaluate a blood smear and safely administer a blood transfusion to more advanced topics, such as how to use flow cytometry and digital microscopy in clinical practice. Although most articles follow a traditional format, the toxicology article uses a case-based approach that includes interpretation of laboratory results. The articles on quality assurance and point-of-care instruments may be of particular interest to veterinarians in small animal practice, as will the updates on the diagnosis of thyroid and adrenal diseases, pancreatitis, and acid-base disorders, and the use of urinary biomarkers for the diagnosis and management of patients with urinary tract disease. The articles on plasma cell neoplasia, histiocytic disorders, and deep mycoses illustrate the importance of specialty testing in the diagnosis of neoplastic and infectious diseases, and the article on bone marrow gives an overview of how aspirates and biopsies can be used in tandem to assess hematopoiesis.
      We want to thank Elsevier for inviting us to be guest editors of this issue, and we are grateful to our colleagues for taking the time to share their knowledge and expertise.